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President Trump is an enigma. An outsider to the political establishment, he shocked the world when he became President and fought for the People, ending the endless wars, brought businesses and manufacturing back to America, fought against human trafficking and stood in the way of the ‘great reset’ and their totalitarian New World Order.

While the establishment only has the empty accusation of calling President Trump a “racist” - his actions to address civil rights issues have demonstrated they are in fact clearly lying. President Trump has done more for the civil rights movement since any President since JFK. He created a cold case task for Missing and Murdered Native Americans, he secured funding for Historical Black Colleges and Universities, he addressed mass incarceration when he enacted prison reform that allowed non-violent prisoners to go through a process to go home - and made it easier for them to get jobs and enter into the community, he created the Hispanic Prosperity Act, he allocated $500 billion to enrich Black communities with his Platinum Plan for his second term that would have fostered entrepreneurship, brought businesses back into Black communities and addressed the racial wealth gap- and he’s done so much more!

To me, this painting represents President Trump’s imminent victory over the deep state cabal and their tyrannical plans for the world. God bless President Trump and God bless America

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